Man-to-Man & Woman-to-Woman Program

mcc-tru_vr.jpgM2 (Match Two) Prison Ministry endeavors to match a community volunteer with a prison inmate incarcerated in a Washington State institution. The purpose is Christian friendship and mentoring based on trust established through monthly visits. Volunteers meet with their assigned prisoner as part of a group. During the group time, volunteers and inmates visit as they might over a cup of coffee. Men meet with men in men’s prisons. Women meet with women in women’s prisons.

The prisoners apply for the program through their counselors and fill out an application similar to the volunteer application. They are then placed on a waiting list and are matched when a volunteer becomes available. Prisoners find that their hearts and minds change as they develop a frienship with a healthy member of the community.

Volunteers find that they can make a difference in someone’s life as they demonstrate the Christian life through their monthly visits. Studies show that the rate of crime is cut in half among those men and women who visit with an M2 or W2 volunteer. Simply fill out an application, attend training, then afterwards begin visiting with your match. You can also come in for a one-time trial visit to see for yourself if you like the program. Then we ask for a minimum 1 year commitment of visiting your inmate monthly.

M2 is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. All staff members and volunteers take time out from their already busy lives to commit to visiting their inmate once a month for at least 1 year.

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